Services are held monthly at Titirangi Soldiers Memorial Church, Auckland at 7:30pm 

Times of Silent Contemplative Prayer or Meditation are incorporated into the evening service. 


Join us in a beautiful historic church set in natural bush surroundings for nature-centered seasonal eucharistic services. These services performed by an ordained priest combine traditional Liberal Catholic and Mystical Christian liturgy with readings and worship themes related to the Celtic Seasonal Festivals and Christianholy days of the year. Candles and incense will be lit and quiet music played prior to each service and there are also times for silent reflection and contemplative prayer throughout the service. 


  • Sun 26th Feb: Lammas (loaf Mass)                                                     Red
  • Sun 26th March: Celtic Autumn Harvest                                           Green
  • Sun 23rd April: Easter Service                                                              White
  • Sun 28th May: Samhain (All Saints/All Souls)                                  Purple
  • Sun 25th June: Celtic  Midwinter Service                                         Green
  • Sun 30th July: Imbolc & Feast of St Brigid                                       Red
  • Sun 27th Aug: The Assumption of Mary                                            White/Blue
  • Sun 24th Sept: Celtic Spring Service                                                  White
  • Sun 22nd Oct: Mass of Creation & Feast of St Francis                    Green
  • Sunday 26th Nov: Celtic Summer Service                                         Red
  • Sun 24th Dec: Advent/Christmas Eve Service                                  Purple