The Chapel of St Columba offers monthly eucharistic services in the Celtic Christian & Liberal Catholic traditions as well as four seasonal ceremonies for the Equinoxes and Solstices. Our Chapel services celebrate the Christian Holy Days and  Seasonal Festivals of the year by combining the beauty of traditional sacramental worship and liturgy with a nature-centered and mystical approach to Christian Spirituality. We offer a welcoming, spiritually nurturing sanctuary where people  from various backgrounds can come together to celebrate the changing seasons and connect to God through meditation, prayer, sacramental worship, and ceremony.

The Chapel is a chartered ministry of The Catholic Apostolic Church of Antiochan independent sacramental church in the Mystical Christian Tradition. The Church was founded in 1958 by German born Herman Adrian Spruit who had been consecrated a bishop by Charles Hampton, the Presiding Bishop of the Liberal Catholic Church for the USA. The Apostolic succession of the church come from the Roman Catholic Church, through the Dutch Old Catholic Church and the Liberal Catholic Church in England, as well as through Celtic Orthodox, and Anglican/Scottish Episcopal lines. 

While anyone is welcome to attend the public eucharist services, regular attenders are invited to help support our spiritual work and activities.  Annual Membership donations to help towards covering costs and expenses are $120 NZ per year, or $150 if also attending the four Seasonal Ceremonies. We also provide a quarterly newsletter, a lending library of spiritual books and host an annual weekend retreat.

Eucharist Services

The Chapel was established in 2016 as an ecumenical, nature-centered community in the Celtic Christian and Contemplative Traditions. 

Join us in a beautiful historic church for monthly evening eucharist services in the Celtic Christian and Mystical Christian traditions. Our sacraments are open to all people. The services combine traditional liturgical worship with candles, incense, sacred music, poetry, and contemplative prayer and meditation. Steeped in tradition, the services evoke an atmosphere of spiritualstillness and peace.

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 Seasonal Ceremonies

Seasonal Ceremonies (by invite only) are held four times a year in March, June, September and December to mark the seasonal cycles of Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer. The Ceremonies are participatory and held in the sacred space of a circle with candles and incense and draw on Mystical Christian as well as Celtic spiritual traditions. During the ceremonies we  honour the four elements of creation, and  take part in meditation, prayer, chant, seasonal readings or ceremony, and the Eucharist.  


 Celtic christianity

Celtic Christianity draws on ancient religious and monastic traditions, yet this spiritual path is relevant for the contemporary world today. Revering nature as God's Creation and incorporating sacred music, art, and poetry in worship are integral elements of Celtic Spiritual and Monastic traditions. Through a deep personal spiritual journey a close relationship to Christ, Mary, and the Saints is developed. Distinctive features of this path include: Hope, equality, mystery, nature, holism, simplicity, and community.

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