Lending Library

Community Members may request to borrow a book and it will be be brought to the next Eucharist service for them. Generally books should be returned within 1-2 months and brought back to the next Chapel service.

A Koha/Donation of $2 per book is requested. This money helps with maintenance of books and the purchasing of further spiritual  books for the library. 


  • Practical Mysticism                                     Edward Lee 
  • Seeking God                                                  Esther de Waal
  • The English Mystical Tradition                   David Knowles
  • Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism           Gershom Scholem     
  • Meditations with Hildegard of Bingen     Gabriele Uhlein
  • Return to the Centre                                    Bede Griffiths   
  • Mysticism                                                        R.A. Gilbert
  • Mysticism: A Study & Anthology               F.C. Happold        


  • Jewish Meditation                                       Aryah Kaplan
  • Meditation                                                     Mouni Sadhu
  • Meditation: An In-depth Guide                Gawler & Bedson 
  • The Path of Centering Prayer                   David Frenette

 Esoteric Christianity & Theurgy

  • Theurgy                                                        Mouni Sadhu
  • The Science of the Sacraments              C.W. Leadbeater
  • The Priestly Ideal                                         G. Hodson
  • The Cross and the Grail                              Robert Ellwood
  • Priests, Gnostics & Magicians                   Siobhan Houston
  • The Cipher of Genesis: Qabalah & Bible   Carlo Suares
  • Prayers of the Cosmos                              Neil Douglas-Klotz